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eLeaderTech® is an automotive dealership training and technology firm. Our major purpose is to design and implement easy-to-use, no-nonsense training and technology solutions that enable leaders to develop dealership talent, build customer relationships, reduce team turnover, and increase dealership profit, all at a price every dealer can afford, no matter their size or profit level


It is our mission to establish eLeaderTech® as an icon for dealership performance improvement. We intend to accomplish this goal by delivering a suite of training and technology solutions that put people at the center of the process supported by technology, providing a culture of self-management, helping people gain the discipline to get things done, and delivering a level of service that cannot be matched by our competition.

Members of the eLeaderTech® team GIVE - GIVE - GIVE before they GET - GET - GET!

Why Create The Modern Day Dealership

2015 Gallup Poll on Honesty/Ethics in Professions

People in the U.S. were asked to rate the honesty and ethical standards of people in different fields.

7% Lobbyists
8% Members of U.S. Congress
8% Car Salespeople
85% Nurses

How will the Modern Day Dealership differentiate itself from the "Traditional" Dealerships offering a buying process that 92% of Americans do not trust? eLeaderTech® has the solution.

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Change your talent mix from ordinary to extraordinary



Today Auto Dealers are experiencing unprecedented success. Vehicle sales are back to pre-recession levels with growth expected to continue through 2017. Despite this level of success, Auto Dealers are facing significant pressure to modernize the way they do business. In the latest Gallup poll ranking Honesty and Ethics in Professions Auto Dealers received a TRUST level ranking of only 8%. Unbelievably 92% of Americans do not trust the buying process offered by most Auto Dealers. Automobile Dealers were tied with Members of United States Congress and Telemarketers as 2nd least trusted professions in America, with only Lobbyists being trusted less at only 7%. Advances in technology and easy access to information have significantly changed how customers research and want to buy vehicles.

How will the Modern Day Dealerships differentiate themselves from the "Traditional" Dealerships and not only survive change but thrive? The answer is by effectively building their dealerships upon the following four eLeaderTech® Pillars of Success:

  • Culture – Develop the culture of encouraging, coaching and developing dealership talent.
  • Theme – Build the Dealership's "Why" and "How" into a unique Dealership theme experience.
  • People – Hire people with character who are looking for purpose driven leaders to follow.
  • Process – Develop your GUEST process into Work Doctrine, make it REAL.

eLeaderTech® Training and Technology assist leaders to develop dealership talent, changing their Talent Mix from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

Change Your Talent Mix

The average dealership's talent mix is made up of 13% "Non-Drifters" and 87% "Drifters". "Non-Drifters" are Goal Setters and Score Keepers. The majority of "Drifters" must be managed or lead. The ETS Cycle of Success helps leaders develop many of the 87% "Drifters" into "Non-Drifters" changing the Talent Mix to Extraordinary.

Imagine the level of SUCCESS your Dealership could achieve with an Extraordinary Talent Mix!


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A creative company whose major purpose is to boost your business must be composed of creative experts.
The eLeaderTech® team of experts...


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